Xenon forte d.o.o.

Letališka cesta 29
1000 Ljubljana
Tel.: +386 1 54 84 800
Fax.: +386 1 54 84 819

Established: 1989
General Manager:  Ciril Kraševec
No.of Employees: 18 (in Slovenia)
IBAN: SI56 0313 4100 5788 136
Registration number: 5322537
ID VAT: SI28449711
Call-up Capital: 54.248,00 €

Xenon forte d.o.o. is a limited company with almost 30 years tradition in providing document solutions to busynesses of all sizes. During whole time of existance the company strives for excellence and credibility.

Xenon forte Group is a regional supplier of solutions to consistently develop and deliver customer benefits, technological innovation and environmental sustainability. Together with Xenon forte Zagreb d.o.o., Xenon forte Montenegro in Xenon forte d.o.o. Sarajevo is taking care of marketing activities, technical support and distribution of Kyocera, Synology, Trodat, KAI, Plustek, and CZUR products in Republic of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro. 

Main activity of the company is distribution and sales of Information and Communications Technology products and services. The main program is document management solutions, printers and MFP's distribution and sales of Japanese corporation Kyocera. Xenon forte is cooperating with Kyocera corporation since 1989. Status of national distributer has gained in 1997 and since July 2002 Xenon forte is Kyocera's direct partner.  

On above mentioned markets, Xenon forte is Kyocera's partner also on Ceramic Kitchen Utilities program. Besides Kyocera, Xenon forte also offers products from variety of other reknowned brands, including NAS servers SYNOLOGY, scanners from CZUR and Plustek, stamps from global leading producer TRODAT, and steel knives from Japanese producer KAI.