Synology® Unveils Surveillance Station 7.1 Beta

Optimised performance and surveillance experience for distributed environments

The latest version of its robust video management system delivers optimised performance for environments with distributed resources with Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) and multicast support, refined alters and notifications, and much more.

Kyocera Appoints Oscar Sanchez As Executive Vice President

This specially created addition to the senior management structure of the European headquarters is responsible for sales, and supports the company's evolution of their document solutions business.

Pantone Office For Kyocera Gives Expert Colour For Business Professionals

Pantone Office for Kyocera, a unique 'add in' for Microsoft PowerPoint and Word

This cutting edge solution allows seamless and accurate quality printing and provides a convenient way for business professionals to print Pantone colours. This affordable tool allows businesses to utilise the full palette of Pantone colours and improve the overall impact of their printed documents.

Kyoto Prize 2015: Inamori Foundation announces this year’s laureates

The Kyoto Prize, alongside the Nobel Prize one of the world’s highest honors for the lifetime achievement of outstanding personalities in the fields of culture and science, is being awarded this year to Dr. Toyoki Kunitake, Chemist; President, Kitakyushu Foundation for the Advancement of Industry, Science and Technology, Dr. Michel Mayor, Astrophysicist; Professor Emeritus, University of Geneva, and Mr. John Neumeier, an American-born choreographer; Intendant and Artistic Director, The Hamburg Ballet. Each worth 50 million yen (around €360,000/£290,000*), the prizes are awarded each year by the Inamori Foundation, which was initiated in 1984 by Dr. Kazuo Inamori, founder of the Japanese technology corporation Kyocera.

Synology® Announces RS18016xs+ and RX1216sas

Scalable and converged NAS for demanding businesses

Synology® Inc. today announced the release of RS18016xs+ and its expansion unit RX1216sas, with vast expansion capacities, point-in-time data backup for enterprises, and unparalleled performance throughput.
"Belonging to the next generation of NAS servers, RS18016xs+ can provide up to 1PB of storage capacity while simplifying any backup strategy, making it the perfect choice for businesses in need of a cost-efficient, scalable, and modern storage solution" declared Michael Wang, Product Manager at Synology Inc.