Printing Management Solutions

The management of printing is often one of the major overlooked opportunities to reduce costs in the company and securing your sensitive and confidential information.

With the printout tools you can centrally manage the entire fleet of printers and multifunc-tion devices in your company. You can specify and implement rules for the use of printers for the individual users or working groups and with the authentication system ensure that no unauthorized person has access to your data.

For common tasks, users can select a shortcut and run it with just one click. As the use of the equipment can be supervised you can effectively reduce costs. The print monitoring alone can significantly help to reduce the number of printed pages.

Here we present some of the solutions, further information and full review can be found at Kyocera Document Solutions website.

Kyocera MyQ

MyQ isa comprehensive server-based application that streamlines and secures your document management.

Have you ever asked yourself?

  • How can I make sure no unauthorised person can access my data?
  • How can I make the process of printing, scanning and faxing easier?
  • How can I monitor them to save money?


If you answered affirmatively to any of the above questions, then MyQ is the right solution for you!

With its well-structured and intuitive interface, MyQ simplifies all the processes you need to carry out on your MFP. You can also complement your existing printer fleet with MyQ external terminals, enabling them to run with MyQ as if they were brand new.

Integrated Print&Follow application stores all print jobs on a central MyQ server that all connected devices can access. You can log in at any free device in your office to print your documents, thereby avoiding print queues and increasing the security of your data.

  • Authetication – Access the devices in one step by PIN, ID-Card or Windows Login or in a two phase authentication combination such as ID-Card and PIN.
  • Security – Secure printing, data encryption and Print&Follow function ensure that your documents can only be accessed and printed by authorised people.
  • Reporting – MyQ record detailed statistics printing costs generated by either departments, individual users or participants of the project.
  • Personalized features – MyQ remembers your most often used settings and saves them as your default settings when you log in. Most important tasks can be arranged on the top level of the Kyocera Embedded Terminal's user interface allowing "One Button" operation for nearly all your daily tasks!
  • Scan to function – One click changes the destination of your scanned documents and their metadata. You may choose between your Kyocera MyQ space, home folder, fax server, email address etc. Kyocera MyQ now offers most powerful scanning profiles in the market. You may arange profiles or tasks on the MyQ Embedded Terminal user interface based on your personal preferences.
  • Mobile printing – Print documents from your mobile device by simply sending an email to the MyQ server. Printed documents can be collected later by entering your credentials at the device.

For more information, see Kyocera MyQ or Kyocera Net Manager.

Secure printing with KX Driver

Protecting the confidentiality of vital information is a key concern for many businesses and these concerns also apply to the documents that are printed. Kyocera network printers and MFPs address this concern by incorporating into the Kyocera KX Driver features such as Private Print. 

With Private Print users can securely print documents on any shared Kyocera printer or MFP from their PC and release the print job at the device by entering a personal identification codes (PIN) ensuring that the print jobs remain private.

For more information visit KX driver website.

KYOCERA Net Viewer

KYOCERA Net Viewer is KYOCERA’s network device management software for small and medium sized businesses. Offering counter readings, status feedback, remote device configuration, accounting and alerts of network devices at one central administration point, it is powerful yet easy to use.

Advantages with KYOCERA Net Viewer:

  • Remote configuration of device settings and properties. Multi set: Simultaneous configuration of single and multiple devices.
  • Automated discovery of network devices.
  • Integrated device and accounting management. Device status notifications (e.g. paper jam, low toner) via e-mail.
  • Firmware upgrades for single and multiple devices.
  • Device management and accounting within one easy to use interface.
  • Customizable views for device groups and according to dynamic criteria (e.g. all devices with low toner).

For more information, visit Kyocera Net Viewer.


Kyocera Fleet Services - maintain your entire fleet from the cloud

KYOCERA Fleet Services (KFS) is a powerful, web-based service to perform remote maintenance on customers fleet. Hosted in the cloud, KYOCERA Fleet Services enables companies and their service staff to view device status, quickly and easily identify and respond to issues and undertake key maintenance task, all from any location.

The complete solution for remote maintenance

The system‘s core features enable web-based monitoring of all devices in your fleet, while enhanced functions give you the freedom to perform troubleshooting and maintenance of Kyocera devices remotely, such as:

  • Device notifications - receive device status notifications by email and service staff can address issues before users are even affected.
  • Panel Screenshot - use your PC to view real-time panel screens of your devices to support troubleshooting and service calls.
  • Dashboard - get a clear overview of the status of your entire fleet on one simple screen. Quickly identify devices that need your urgent attention and react faster to any issues that arise.
  • Reporting - run detailed reports to monitor the status and performance of your devices.
  • Firmware Updates - upgrade your firmware packages via the cloud, and receive new firmware upgrades at your convenience.
  • Maintenance and device settings - configure the maintenance mode and device setting of your devices remotely.
  • Panel note - get text notifications of ongoing servicing information directly on the panel screens of your devices to help users stay informed.
  • HyPAS application deployment - deploy and activate your purchased HyPAS applications remotely.

More information on Kyocera Fleet Services.

KYOCERA Network Device Manager

KYOCERA Network Device Manager (NDM)

NDM provides IT Administrators and service technicians with centralised printing device management, to monitor and manage thousands of devices from one location:

  • Upgrade firmware
  • Configure settings.
  • Install applications.
  • Receive automated problem alerts.
  • Check toner levels at a glance.
  • Generate device reports.
  • Arrange devices in groups.

NDM is web based, running on all current browsers, including Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. It can run as a server or as a utility tool.

More information on Kyocera Network Device Manager.

The document output costs can represent up to 3% of entire company income (Source:  IDC White Paper).





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