Gama System eDocs 5 - integration with Kyocera multifunction devices

Simple and impressive solution for document management.

Gama System has recently launched a new version of the advanced document management system Gama System eDocs 5. In addition to exceptional performance this new version is primarily characterized by simplicity and user friendliness. An intuitive software interface for Kyocera multifunction devices that further simplifies users’ work was developed in collaboration with Xenon forte.

The result of the joint development is an interactive solution featuring a two-way communication which on one hand allows a flexible way of capturing documents and further distribution according to the intended workflow documents, and on the other hand, an access to the documents directly from the control panel of Kyocera multifunctional devices.

The solution enables:

  • Comprehensive support for scanning documents from anywhere with any modern Kyocera device.
  • Full support for printing documents stored in Gama System eDocs 5.
  • Registration and user authentication using ID cards or PIN.
  • Support the functionalities of Gama System eDocs 5.
  • Customer support for Gama System eDocs 5, which runs on an internal server (on-premise), as well as solutions in the cloud.
  • Simple and intuitive use.


Gama System eDocs 5

Gama System eDocs 5 is a modern document management system (DMS) for fast, flexible and efficient business operations and information management in all business areas. It supports the entire process of management of documentary material in digital form as well as various formats of electronic and other kinds of documents.


Gama System® eDocs 5 is distinguished from other products on the market due to some unique features:

  • Simple and intuitive user interface designed. Easily create ad-hoc workflows.
  • Own graphical tool for designing process flows, which enables easy assembly of preconfigured workflows and document processes.
  • DMS Integration with Outlook (e-mails can automatically capture and index in the database of documents).
  • Intuitive tools for teamwork as an integral part of the Gama System® eDocs 5 solution.
  • Tight integration with Kyocera multifunction devices.


Document management system Gama System® eDocs 5 is not only user friendly, it’s a modern system that ensures the security and legal validity of documents that are automatically applied to the process of production and management of documents. More information about Gama System eDocs 5 is available on the manufacturer's website.


Operation is really simple

The graphical tool for making the process streams enables user to modify the input of all types of documents in simple routines. The solution facilitates work and saves time, while ensuring that all documents are securely and reliably processed in accordance with their purpose.
Using an identification card or entering the PIN on the user interface one can log in on the Kyocera multifunction device’s display. In the next step you can choose between printing or scanning.
Each company daily receives series of documents that should be entered into the system. Depending on their purpose, the user determines whether they will be sent directly to a document management system or perhaps only saved in the private folder.
When it is necessary to process the document, depending on the type of documents, an operating stream of the document is predetermined. By selecting the document type, after which the document will be further processed, the procedure will be selected.
Documents stored in the DMS system eDocs 5 can as well be printed. Printing documents are available in a print queue. After logging in in a multifunctional device user can decide whether to print all documents in the queue, or will choose just a few.
The capturing module as well as a complete solution for document management Gama System eDocs 5 are certainly the most impressive features. It is upon your decision whether you want to use it running on your server, in the private or public cloud or as a service in the Microsoft AZURE.
For more information, please call +386 1 5484 800 or send an e-mail to


"The integration of Kyocera multifunctional devices with the DMS and ERP systems is of strategic importance for our company. Integrated MFPs can get a completely new role in business systems, allowing many useful advanced services.
Using Kyocera hybrid platform for the development of advanced software solutions HyPAS that converts multifunction device into business tool, we have reached a comprehensive support for built-in features of Gama System eDocs 5 and thereby access to documents directly from the control panel of Kyocera multifunctional devices.
Thus, Gama System eDocs 5 solution, which is already focused on the user, will be even easier to use."
Matjaž Fortič, CEO of Xenon forte d.o.o.

Xenon forte d.o.o.


Additional information

For more information, call +386 1 5484 800 or send an e-mail to

“Our guide to the development of the latest version of the Gama System eDocs solution was, primarily simplicity and user friendliness in addition to an exceptional performance, which had been already in the previous version 4.1 eDocs,.
The first reactions confirm that we have greatly exceeded our customers’ expectations. The new generation of DMS Gama System eDocs 5 solution delivers advanced functionality and concept, which we think is a step forward from the DMS solutions available on the market."
Marko Šobota, GM of Gama System company.