IINSTAURION is an advanced, user-friendly and affordable electronic document system that combines all important business documentation and communication in one place.

In particular, it is distinguished by the easy acquisition of classic paper documentation, which is converted to indexed digital documents (OCR) with the integrated optical recognition tool, which means that we can then easily access the contents of these documents. On individual documents, we can also connect electronic communications that relate to these documents. This way, we can simplify and optimize business processes and provide much faster and cheaper access to business information.

The basic version of the INSTAURION-MFP solution is dedicated to smaller businesses and offers a simplified set of functionality.


  • 1 INSTAURION-MFP license: 1 scanning and indexing station, 5 users - access to documents.
  • Browse scanned documents.
  • Indexing documents by type and OCR.
  • Document search: advanced, basic search, full text of the document - "full text search".
  • Import documents into an archive from a file system, hot folders.
  • Pre-processing (alignment, cleaning, binarization).
  • Export scanned documents to different formats (tiff, pdf (hybrid - picture and text), txt).
  • Edit rights.
  • Marking documents by category, with keywords.
  • Virtual folders ("search folders") - a combination of ocr content, date strings, document names, keywords.
  • Import documents from MS Outlook and MS Word (from 2010 onwards).


INSTAURION allows you to search the full content of documents (OCR, pdf, doc, xls, xml ...), manually entered attributes and all other business variables.


INSTAURION has a special module for managing user rights, simply linking to existing directory systems such as Novell Directory Services (NDS), LDAP, and Microsoft Active Directory (AD). Access control can be defined to the level of each document.


Special version for lawyers, notaries and bankruptcy managers with the following index fields:

  • Date (avtomatic).
  • Task number - mandatory.
  • Customer1 (represented party) - obligatory.
  • Contact person 1 - obligatory.
  • Customer2 (counterparty) - option.
  • Contact person 2 - option.
  • Type of document (contract, execution, judgment, letter, invoice, account, bankruptcy, personal bankruptcy ...).
  • Search according to all of the above parameters.


  • Kyocera MFP.
  • Scanners.
  • E-mail.
  • File Systems.
  • Fax Servers.
  • Web Services (soap).

INSTAURION on Advanced KYOCERA HyPAS Multifunctional Devices

The INSTAURION document system can be connected via a special interface to Kyocera multitasking devices, which enables us to transfer some of the functionality to the device itself, thus simplifying the direct capture and indexing of documents.

User Interface

The user interface is thoughtfully simplified to allow as simple and effective use as possible.

  • How much time do you lose by searching for different documents?
    INSTAURION makes it easy to search and instantly access the searched documents, both digital as well as scanned paper documents.
  • How much time and money do you spend on physically archiving paper documents?
    The need for physical archiving of paper documents is significantly reduced as electronic document systems allow for much simpler, faster and secure access to documents.
  • Do you need security and restrict access to business secrets in the company?
    With the document management solution, you can set any access rules to different documents and groups of documents.








Additional Information

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In the version MojArhiv, INSTAURION uses over 600 different companies daily. Among others: