Quickly capture information from your business documents

Kyocera Capture Manager is the solution that automates the input and capture of documents into your business systems and business processes, quickly and efficiently. This minimizes the time is takes to get important business information into your system.

Kyocera uses a variety of technologies such as image correction, character and text recognition, secure digital signatures or even hand writing recognition* that make capturing information a breeze. We also have a variety of modules to ensure that you do not have to change current process and that you can collect all your business documents as you were previously, the difference is that you will be able capture the information on the documents and provide an answer or trigger an action much faster than you have ever been able to before.

Automating capture makes your business much more responsive to your customer’s needs. KCM also provides you with the ability to further automate how the extracted information gets directed in your processes and you can add your business rules to the product to ensure the extracted information goes to the correct department and system. 

KCM allows your workforce to become smarter by removing those manual tasks which can easily be automated, and allowing you to focus on more important parts of your daily business.

Kyocera Capture Manager assists in various ways in a typical business environment:

Finance Manager

As a Finance Manager, I want to see the information received on paper documents processed quickly into my ERP system, so that I can make better decisions for the business.
The information printed on paper documents often supports the data contained in ERP systems. One of the main drivers of purchasing a Capture Solution is that it supports the automatic integration of data contained on paper into ERP or financial systems.

Account Clerk

As an accounts clerk, I want to see the information received daily on supplier invoices within my finance system, so I can to resolve account queries quickly.
You can realize an improvement in Customer Service by speeding up the access to information stored on paper documents or documents received in email. This is done by processing the information through Kyocera Capture Manager & sending it directly to your finance system.

Typical Business User

As an employee, I want to find information within the company quickly so I can complete my tasks faster.
Improve the findability of business information which is usually stored statically on paper. By using Kyocera Capture Manager you can convert your documents to electronic images and then route them to be stored in a structured way on the network. By doing this you will improve the time it takes to find business information. You can further improve the time it takes to find business content by connecting your Kyocera Capture Manager into an existing ERP, ECM or Financial Systems. Do not let information stored in various places become a bottleneck to information in your business.

The Medical Professional

As a medical professional I have many documents to complete and capture for compliance. My time could be used more productively if I could automate the input of these documents and the information into our Health Management System, so I have more time to focus on patients.
Completing various forms is required for both tracking a patient’s status as well as compliance. Kyocera Capture Manager can be setup to process all paper and electronic forms quickly and efficiently and then exported into a medical system to ensure health professionals systems are up to date and compliant.

The Lawyer or Paralegal

As someone who works with large contracts I want to be able to edit a large contract without having to retype the entire document.
Kyocera Capture Manager provides you with the ability to take large scanned documents and convert them into an editable format like WORD. This saves the user time from having to retype the entire document from scratch, and you only have to edit the particular fields which require editing.

The Traveling Sales Person

As someone who is often out of the office and travelling, I would like to record and send receipts of my travel expenses when they occur, thus saving me the hassle of lost slips when at the office.
The Kyocera Capture Mobile App (Professional or Enterprise) allows you to take a photo of your slip or invoice and send the required information directly to your expense claim process. This ensures no slips/receipts are lost and there is no lost time between when the expense happens and the time the document enters your process.

Additional information

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