30% Average Decrease in the Price of the Printout with the Introduction of the MDS

Today, Document Management Services is the dominant focus.

For businesses that are considering introducing Managed Document Services, this means that the implementation method and technology are proven and tested, as are the benefits that this concept brings.

Risks are low and business benefits are obvious, which means that the decision to implement is quite easy.

The Cost Savings Math

Technology has triggered a real explosion in the number of documents that companies receive, store, process or send.

IDC estimates that the flow of information will increase by 30 times by 2020. Paradoxically, the very extent of information that employees use in their work means that e-business not only does not contribute to bringing the ideal of a paperless company to life, but even encourages printing.

Protecting the Entire printing Process

KYOCERA offers upgradable solutions for all your business needs. In case the print job is stored on the print server disk after printing is finished and during the printing process the data is exposed. Also more and more often, it happens that the printed documents stays on trays of printers and pose an additional security risk.

Where does your money go?

Subscribe to the overview of the print fleet and the status of the document management system. We will create an estimation of the savings that the optimization of the printing fleet will bring.

"Not only are our employees more satisfied with the way devices are used and that data are well protected, we managed to reduce our costs for 120,000 euros per year."

Hartmut Krause
Board member
Münchener Verein, Germany

Additional Information

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Data Protection

We can effectively protect your data from external interception or before trying to penetrate the system.

  • Sending print jobs using security protocols.
  • Encrypting print jobs on a print device or print server disk.
  • Automatically delete sensitive information from the printer disc after printing.

Access Control

Controlled access to your devices can prevent unauthorized use.

  • With the use of standard company ID cards or PIN codes, the access is provided only to authorized users.
  • Allows printers to be used only by authorized persons.
  • Specifies people who can print, scan or copy; thereby preventing any abuse.


Print&Follow™ is a simple way that allows the user to take sensitive documents on the device and in the time that best suits them.

  • It ensures that every printout is taken over by the right person.
  • It prevents your documents from being stored on a device or server disk.
  • It ensures the privacy of your printed documents.

"Our greatest concern was that the documents from printers will be picked up by unauthorised persons. With Kyocera solutions is now different. Employees have their own identification cards and pick up the materials that they have printed. This is a great solution.

Lothar Kittel
Direktor Global IT Business Service
Knorr-Bremse, Germany

Faster, More Efficient and Cost-effective Work with Documents

Solutions that KYOCERA offers to make your business more efficient.

Proactive Management

Monitoring of devices, paper and toner replacement takes place automatically. It is also an automated procedure for checking possible technical problems and the arrival of maintenance workers for service interventions.

  • Shorter downtimes, the workflow is routed to another free device.
  • Less time spent due to service interventions and waiting for prints on overloaded devices.
  • MDS (Managed Document Services) ensures optimum operation of the document management system.

Task Authomation

Tasks that take you a lot of time are now fully automated with our help. You can do your usual document handling tasks with a single touch on the control panel.

  • Intuitive menus are easy to use, they do not require special education.
  • A pre-defined task process that reduces the possibility of errors.
  • Automated distribution and storage of documents.

Document Management

The process of your document work can be optimized regardless of the format or source: paper, PC, multitasking device, or mobile phone.

  • Routing all types of documents to the selected device in the correct format.
  • Access documents to print directly from the device.
  • Less time spent trying to find lost documents.

"Since working with Kyocera, our work process has been significantly improved. In the past, we had a lot of problems with printing devices and this experience will surely not be repeated again. In addition, we are extremely pleased with the fast, reliable and friendly services of Kyocer's partner. Let me add that we made progress in document work with much lower costs than in the past."

Nebojša Sekloća
IT Manager
Sava Montenegro AD Podgorica

How we create a value in the managed documents environment

Cost reduction
Optimization of the network and upgrading the fleet of installed devices. The result is reduced consumption, and the reduction of waste. The devices are practically all the time available. Gartner estimates that the MDS can save organizations between 10 and 30 percent of the cost of printing.
Monitoring and analysis
MDS provides administrators with complete control over the use and operation of their print environment. It also provides valuable data to management to analyze and improve the system.
Productivity of employees
Due to shorter downtimes and more efficient workflows, employees spend less time on administration and more for their work.
Less workload for the IT department
The daily workload of IT departments is reduced, which means that they can spend more time on basic tasks and long-term goals.
Risk control and rules
Secure printing, in line with company policy, prevents random or intentional unauthorized copying of sensitive information.
Environmental protection and social responsibility
Consumption of paper, toner and energy is significantly reduced. It enforces the use of printing in accordance with the company's environmental policy.
Optimization of workflows
It transforms related information processes and thus creates added value in the company's core business, such as customer service and colaboration within a working group.

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