Fast and easy document capture is the basis for the transition to paperless business. In companies we still receive various documents in paper form on a daily basis. Capture and conversion into digital format allows further processing of documents in ERP, DMS or other back office programs.

As a rule, devices are equipped with powerful software that enables personalization and automation of scanning. Capture and conversion to many formats is made easy without additional clicking, and digitized documents are sent to selected locations. Business users also have available a built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature that enables document search and modification.

Of course, different organizations need different functionalities. Many will be satisfied with the capabilities offered by modern MFPs. For others, specialized scanners are available.

At Xenon forte we offer a range of scanning devices dedicated to businesses, professionals and home users. In addition to office products you will find also the portable scanners and special products for scanning books or photographic films.


CZUR - special scanners designed to scan books.


Plustek - office scanners in A4 and A3 formats, portable scanners and scanners designed for scanning photographic films.