Synology Inc.

Synology is a relatively young company - established in 2000 - which manufactures and sells awarded network devices with built-in disk drives (NAS-Network Attached Storage), for business and home users.

By taking full advantage of the latest technologies, Synology aims to help users centralize data storage and backup, share files on-the-go, and implement professional surveillance solutions in reliable and affordable ways. Synology is committed to delivering products with forward-thinking features and the best in class customer services.

Synology Products

Synology NAS products include both stand-alone version (DiskStation) as well as products for server cabinets (RackStation) in various configurations. Exclusive Synology software Disk Station Manager (DSM) is supplied with all models.


Synology offers a wide range of products that will satisfy the requirements of large companies as well as domestic users. What they have in common are reliability, multifunctionality and eco-friendliness. Products vary depending on the capacity and size of the room for safekeeping.

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NAS Selector tool

NAS servers for home users

Take the advantage of a fully integrated environment for media monitoring, file transfer and backup. Synology DiskStation allows you to easily manage digital content. So you can work more with the devices you already own: personal computers, mobile devices, TV, DLNA devices, and music players. Relatives and friends will be able to access all of the digital content in one place, from a variety of platforms and on the road from mobile devices.

Programs for home

Install applications for home via the Download Center (Package center) on the web site and enrich your digital life. You can connect all of your multimedia content with programs such as Video Station, Photo Station, Audio Station, Media Server and Download Station. As the Diskstation is also the print server it allows you to print your con-tent wireless.

Easy management

Synology DiskStation is easy to manage from the very beginning. With a handy program for managing “Storage manager” you can specify the various types of content. You can create accounts for individual users and define different levels of access and rights. You can also specify the common folders with different management rights, so that users may modify only selected files.

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To create an online environment that will be ready for use, the program simplifies every step. Just follow the simple instructions which will guide you step by step, for the layout of the network and setting up DDNS. You can also set up the receive notifications about the status of your current device DiskStation. In just a few easy steps you'll be ready to send your files via the Web.

File Transfer

You can exchange files or simply browse them on Windows, Mac or Linux. For sharing con-tent on the network, use the File station or FTP program. Any changes that you make in your files, stored in the Cloud station, will be automatically synchronized and transmitted on any available device: Mac, PC, or mobile.


You can back up all of your important documents or system settings directly from your Mac or Windows computer. With just a few simple clicks, you can back up your data with external storage units or vice versa. If you want to keep multiple versions, you can use the Time backup program to schedule and specify time and create a snapshot of the status and con-tent of your disks at a particular time. Simple as that.


Always keep on hand TB of music, video, photos, and other documents. With DS cloud, DS video, DS audio, DS photo+, and DS file, you can have access to your documents stored on your DiskStation any time. With just one touch on the screen of your mobile device, you can have your photos or any other document easily printed.

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NAS Servers for Business Users

The needs of enterprises for efficiency and productivity have never been so great. We have in mind in particular, the smooth integration with the existing infrastructure, the different ways of data access and complex methods of security and data protection. Synology DSM software provides full support for Active Directory and LDAP and brings an extensive collection of software packages for the effective support of business, flexible management options, as well as tools for protection of your valuable data and DiskStation device.

Data security

Hardware errors as well as hacker attacks via the Web can affect the performance of your digital system. For businesses, where a continuous access to data and software is essential, the DSM operating system offers a series of measures for the protection and constant availability, so that you will be protected from unforeseen disturbances and loss of data.



Solutions for data storage

Managing Synology NAS servers is in a uniform manner for all devices from the compact USB stations to high-performance series of XS+. The central management system (CMS) allows you to efficiently manage all your NAS servers from one location. With upgradeable system integration in the cluster you'll get a virtual integrated space for storage of the data. In addition, DSM also allows you to connect additional SSD drives.

Data storage and iSCSI

Use Storage Manager to create multiple partitions on a single RAID box, expand storage space, set the RAID redundancy and iSCSI LUN for use in virtual environment. Using the Clone LUN and Snapshot you can, with just a few clicks, maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your data storage.



File sharing

For your business you can create a uninterruptible environment for the file exchanging the Synology solution for file transfer works on Windows, Mac or Linux. You can transfer your data within a network or over the Web, using File Station, remote folders, virtual drive, or the various properties of the FTP server.


Would you like to create a VPN environment, email services, host print server, manage servers logs or protect system with anti-virus software? To improve your business, install software packages from our Download Center (Package center) on the Web site


Increase your mobility with mobile Synology support. Use the DSM mobile software to manage your DiskStation, including accounts, rights for share folders, applications, security settings, and much more. Using DS Cloud can synchronize your latest working documents, keep track of the status of the system by using the DS Finder and manage remote documents by using the DS File.


DiskStation you can connect to the internet by using PPPoE, the router, the wireless security key or the proxy server. You can monitor and manage IP addresses by using DHCP and DNS servers. Take advantage of different security features to protect your system and data.


Surveillance solutions of Synology, allow versatile options to protect your personal safety or the protection of your environment. If you are planning to install a complete solution or a control system of your home or office, Surveillance Station programme can meet all your requirements.

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DSM Operating System

Synology is constantly researching for the possibilities how to improve user experience and simplify processes. The result is the DSM operating system which is developing in line with expectations and the needs of the users.

The company's commitment to Synology cloud-based services, the management of digital content, the easy to configure data storage, virtualization and setting of various useful applications within NAS system, shows a continuous development.

DiskStation Manager (DSM) is an intuitive Web-based operating system that can be used on any Synology device. With DSM you can manage your data (documents, pictures, music or videos), as well as other digital contents.

DSM is more than just a way of data storage. It offers a wide range of services and programs for entertainment in the home environment and also improves the efficiency of the company. In addition, you can set up your own Surveillance station and protect your assets.

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News Synology

20. January 2021

Synology® Introduces Ultra-compact RackStation RS1221+ and RS1221RP+

High-performance servers designed for space-conscious buyers

Synology® Inc. launched today the RackStation RS1221+ and RS1221RP+ (redundant power) 2U 8-bay rackmounted storage servers built to deliver high performance in a space-efficient form factor.

14. December 2020

Synology® Announces DS1821+, A High-Capacity Powerhouse

Synology Inc. today introduced its next-generation 8-bay NAS. The DS1821+ is a solution designed for high-capacity and high-performance data management and storage. Its application ecosystem, versatile performance capabilities, and storage expandability enable content creators and businesses to easily store and secure their files.

8. December 2020

Synology 2021: DSM 7.0 Beta and the future of data management

Synology introduced an entirely redesigned DiskStation Manager (DSM), the unified operating system powering Synology data management solutions, and new storage, backup, and hybrid-cloud technologies in the online 2021 AND BEYOND event